our showroom plays home to the biggest collection of granite


Why choose our granite?

Our collection of granite worktops are available in a huge range of colours and guaranteed to provide all properties with a stylish contemporary feature.

Granite worktops provide customers with a surface that will last longer than wooden alternatives as well as;

  • Impressive colour range to choose from
  • Stunning patterns
  • Granite is a great alternative to marble and wooden worktops
  • Quartz is an industrially produced material whose absorption capacity has been minimised considerably.

For more information on our granite surfaces please visit our showroom to see examples and samples in person or contact us directly to speak with a member of our team.


Cosentino Granite Collection

We have a huge range of branded quartz worktops available manufactured by some of the UK & Europe's leading names. 

Simply select one of the brands below to view a stunning selection of Quartz perfect for any room within your property.


The benefits of Granite

As a material, granite has many benefits which is why more and more people are upgrading their worktops. As with other stone surface, granite comes with a host of benefits, a few of which are below;

Stylish Aesthetic


Granite offers a rich and elegant aesthetics that very few other worktop materials can match. Granite is a natural stone with a distinctive and timeless aura. Granite kitchen countertops will give your kitchen, high-quality appeal and you can be assured that it will make the centre-piece of your kitchen. 


Given the numerous uses of countertops, you will want to have one that is sturdy enough to withstand all elements thrown at it. Luckily, granite is an extremely hard substance that is not susceptible to scratches. In fact, it is not recommended that you work on it with knives since it will dull knife blades. 

No Problem With Heat!

Your granite countertop will handle heat pretty well. Don’t think twice if you need to quickly set down a hot frying pan. Granite will rarely get damaged or weakened by heat. If you use it in the bathroom, you can confidently place your hair tool on it without worry. 


Stains and liquid resistant Granite will handle stains and liquid properly given that it was properly sealed. It is recommended that you get a pro to install your counter top to ensure it is properly sealed.

And Finally

Multi-coloured Granite is available in more than twenty different shades. Why not visit our Manchester based showroom to see samples, worktops and more!